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Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive. WordCamp Speaker. Core contributor.


Creating a Productive Environment: Sleep

In the development community, talks about creating productive environments many times focus on workflows and development tools. Writing code is only part of the equation! Our ability to get in the right mindset and the efficiency at which we write code play a large part in delivering quality projects and solutions. Many factors play into this, from our sleep schedules, diets, activity levels, time scheduling and ability to prioritize, to the space we work in, our desk setups, and the resources we utilize. Throughout this series, we’ll touch on those aspects of creating a productive environment, starting with sleep, the foundation that will allow us to do everything else more effectively. Read More


Alleyversary: Year One at Alley Interactive

The alarms on my phone sounded, I set 11 every night. About 2 hours later, they continued. Upon finally waking, I groggily shuffled to my office, where my computer was dead. The night before, I placed my headphones down on the desk, which had disconnected the power cord from its home nestled against the side of my Macbook.

Plug in. Boot up. Log on. 9+ new Slack notifications. Read More


The WooThemes Acquisition through the Eyes of a Former Ninja

On Tuesday afternoon I was rushing out the door to meet with Vova Feldman, a WordPress developer and founder of Freemius. During LoopConf we exchanged a few tweets back and forth but didn’t end up getting to connect, so we figured out a time to meet up once we were both back in New York. I was running late and about to run out the door when a few tweets caught my eye, followed by messages in the Post Status Slack channel that WooCommerce had been acquired by Automattic.

WooCommerce had been acquired by Automattic?! A dozen questions raced through my mind as I raced out the door. What about the rest of WooThemes? What would happen to all of the ninjas? What about the rest of the products? Was only WooCommerce acquired, or was WooThemes in its entirety now part of A8C? The initial posts on the topic, as well as Matt’s own blog post stated ‘WooCommerce joins the Automattic team‘, which caused confusion for me since WooCommerce makes up the majority of WooThemes revenue. It would seem illogical for a company to get rid of its largest revenue generating product. I’m now underground in the subway with no internet and endless questions popping into existence. Read More

TomPress: A Youtube Channel

For the past few months, creating videos has been something that I’ve wanted to start doing. In that time I’ve seen a couple of people I really respect in the WordPress community that have actually been doing it rather than just thinking about it, Coen Jacobs and Tim Nash. They both have different styles of speaking, Coen presents more in a fireside chat style, whereas Tim is always full of energy and sometimes reminds me of Billy Mays. Both have accents that people in the states find sophisticated and enjoy listening to. I’m not sure if anyone actually likes hearing a New York accent, but we’ll give it a whirl. Read More


WorldPress: WordCamp Saratoga Unleashed

The first WordCamp Saratoga was this weekend and it was awesome. Everyone did a fantastic job organizing the event and I can’t wait to come back next year.

The name tags were very nicely done, and that is where this story begins. Aside from just having my name, it says “Say Hi”. I made a new buddy during the after party because of this, he didn’t attend the WordCamp, but he spent the rest of the night promoting it, and me I suppose. Read More


Bringing Big Media Features to Your Site

What do Time and Quartz have in common?

They’re big, run on WordPress, publish tons of content and do tons of traffic. When you read an article on one of those sites, they deliver a unique experience. That experience starts when you reach the bottom of the article. Instead of hitting the end, seeing a footer, and then closing the browser tab, something special happen: the next article loads. What this means for readers is that they don’t need to take an action to continue their experience. The next steps have already been taken and content has landed in their lap. What that means for sites like these is their users stay on the site longer, consume more content, see more ads. All good things.’ Read More


Post Formats are Dead. Long live Post Formats.

WordPress 3.1 birthed Post Formats in early 2011 as a way of introducing Tumblr-like functionality. More than three years later, this functionality is hardly used and underestimated, collecting dust.

Post formats are slowly dying, and that’s okay -Krogsgard

I hope that the way we currently view Post Formats dies. I hope that it crumbles into a pile of ashes. I hope that Post Formats rises from those ashes like a Phoenix.

We’re past the point of throwing a coat of paint on Post Formats and watching it turn into a magical success. We need to take care of the rust underneath and come to terms with what has held Post Formats from reaching its full potential before we can move forward. Read More

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