If Java was a Woman…

It’s about 2:30AM and I’m cleaning out my Mac of useless files and making some optimizations for speed as it’s been quite sluggish lately (time for SSD by the way). I came across a note I made back when I was in college regarding Java and well, I’ll just paste it wholesale…

Today I was teaching a lab for an Analysis of Algorithms class and we got into a discussion on if Java was a woman.

Some of the comments (made by women as well as men):

-If java was a woman I would never date her

-Java gives lots of cryptic error messages that don’t mean much

-Spend forever looking for one problem

-Constantly nagging you, but never tells you what is wrong

-90% of your time spent ‘debugging’

Some of my initial thoughts on this, as it’s been years and I don’t even remember this:

-Hehe, that’s pretty funny

-I hate Java

-We had a healthy number of female Computer Science students. I don’t know what the numbers look like nation wide, but hey, maybe we’ll be seeing a large number of women entering the tech space soon.