Starting the New Year early: My December Resolutions

It’s never to soon to make a change, so why not today? I’m a bit early for the new year, but I’m not one for doing things on time anyway. In large part, I’ve already put some of these changes into motion, but many are only thoughts, yet to be acted on. Every item on this list has direct actionable items for me, I’ve left off items that are prevented from being acted upon due to factors outside of my control (Like moving for example. That’s pending on my fiance’s job opportunities after graduation).  Jumping right in:

My goals for the next year:

  • Be more active in the WordPress community
  • Contribute regularly to WooThemes projects
  • Become a Backbone.js rockstar
  • Normal sleep schedule and eating habits
  • Launch McNinja Comics

Be more active in the WordPress community

This goal started for me earlier this year and I put it into motion fairly quickly. There are a few things I could identify right away, the first was speaking at WordCamps. I hopped on WordCamp Central and looked at the upcoming WordCamps that I could possibly travel to. WordCamp Buffalo was reasonably close, an 8 hour train ride, and became the first WordCamp I’ve spoken at. Such an amazing experience, but I’ll leave that for another post. WordCamp Orlando and WordCamp Raleigh rounded out my speaking engagements for the year.

The next goal for being active in the community is blogging regularly, sharing insights, experiences, code and plugins. This is where I’m at now. At WooThemes we have a December challenge of writing regularly, here’s the first step in hopes it leads to a long lasting habit.

Finally, one of the most important things I want to do in being active in the community is contributing code to WordPress. I’m looking to get involved in accessibility aspects of WordPress, and possibly the Post Meta initiative which was started just last week by Eric Andrew Lewis.

Contribute regularly to WooThemes projects

At the moment I contribute mainly to the WooThemes slider plugin, WooSlider. We got version 2.0 released earlier this year, which was a fantastic experience for me. I have big dreams for this plugin over the next few months, which I hope to share as these dreams come closer to reality.

What’s next though? Well, we have a ton of themes, plugins and some secret projects. Over time I’ve made lists of things to optimize, update, make responsive, or add new features to. As time allows, I’ll be making pull requests. My actionable goal for this is one contribution/pull request per week to a non-WooSlider repository. The benefits of this are huge, as the more I contribute to our projects, the better I know them, which comes in quite handy when supporting those products.

Become a Backbone.js rockstar

Rockstar may be a bit lofty, but becoming proficient in backbone.js will make me happy. I see this as a big part of the future of WordPress, so getting my feet wet now will make things nice down the road. I’ve been taking the Backbone.js classes from Code School, which are fantastic. The obvious goal is to finish the courses. After this, I’m creating a handful of internal tutorials with code projects/examples on using Backbone.js in WordPress. Once the REST API gets into WP core, this is going to get exciting fast.

Normal sleep schedule an eating habits

This is an ongoing challenge, but was kicked off by speaking at WordCamps. I tend to be nocturnal, but these conferences forced me to swing my schedule around a bit and wake up when it was light out. I’ve stuck to this pretty well since and I’m on about week 3 or 4 of having a semi-normal sleep schedule.

I got a personal trainer a couple of months ago and with his help, my eating habits have gotten a bit better. Someday I hope to be able to touch my toes as well.

Launch McNinja Comics

I can be slightly obsessive, a few months ago I went to a comic shop with my father, I picked up Daredevil, which lit the fire. A few weeks later I found a killer deal on Craigslist and wound up with quite a few comics. Hit repeat on the Craigslist bit a few more time and I have…a lot of comics. I’m currently working on indexing the stock and getting everything set up in a WooCommerce based site. The plan is to have the minimum viable product up in the next week.