Keep My Feet on Ground and My Head in the Clouds

Keep my feet on ground and my head in the clouds


As a support Ninja at WooThemes, I spend a lot of my day with headphones on and listen to everything from Skrillex to I See Stars to Britney Spears and everything in between. I’m partial towards music without lyrics as it’s less distracting, but sometimes there are artists that just get me in the groove and in a good mood. When one is answering support ticket after support ticket, it’s essential to keep that internal smile stretched wide. Sometimes that means heavier music to vent a bit, sometimes that means inspirational music like Hillsong, David Crowder or Matisyahu.

Today was an ‘inspirational music’ day. I started the day off at 5AM with the honor of speaking at WordSesh, which was a complete blast! Now it’s time to get back to the normal work, right now I have a solid handful of tickets that I’ve started working on with customers, but these tickets need an additional response, either because a fix didn’t work (many times due to cache not being cleared from a caching plugin after making changes, or a CSS error from previously added custom code), or the response contains additional details to clarify the issue, etc. Or maybe my fix just didn’t work or I misunderstood the issue, it happens ­čÖé

I love my job. I don’t like calling it a job though. It’s part of my life, and the team I work with are more than just co-workers, they’re the people I’m sharing a large part of my days with, they feel like family to me. I love helping our customers, it’s a thrill seeing responses from customers ecstatic that the new thing they’ve been trying to get to work in their site is now functioning correctly. When I travel to speak at a WordCamp and a customer introduces his or herself to me and says ‘thank you’ for a time I helped them with an issue they were facing, it makes the whole trip worth it right there.

Helping fellow WordPress users at the Happiness Bar at WordCamps Raleigh and Atlanta:

[twocol_one]photo (3)[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]wordcamp_atlanta_2013[/twocol_one_last]

So where does the quote I started this post off with come in? As much as I completely love the happiness I experience from helping our customers, there’s one thing that makes my days even brighter: writing code. Whether this means pushing a bug-fix to one of our theme repositories, adding new functionality to WooSlider, or making a proof-of-concept for something I just thought up, I don’t really care. It could also be something like taking┬ábackbone.js classes on CodeSchool or participating on the Accessibility Team for┬áCoding is like breathing, and if I don’t do it regularly, my head will explode.

‘Keep my feet on ground and my head in the clouds’ to me means to do what is needed and expected of me (which just so happens to be fulfilling), but never stop aiming for the stars, dreaming big, and pushing the limits of what I can do. I’d love to be spending more of my days coding. As a support Ninja, that means buckling down and making sure I’m performing my job┬álife to the best of my ability, providing the best support possible, delivering happiness, not procrastinating and thinking two steps ahead. This is the way I can ensure that I have the time to write code, build awesomeness and maximize my personal happiness.

Bring on the support, bring on the code, bring on the happiness.