TomPress: The Toms of WordPress

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I made TomPress to showcase all of the ‘Toms’ in the WordPress community. Some of you may remember BeardPress, a site for the bearded members of our lovely community. Toms are an equally diverse and talented group of individuals in our community, drawing inspiration from BeardPress, it seemed only logical for us Toms to have a home as well.

TomPress uses the Our Team plugin by WooThemes to display all of the ‘Toms’ along with their stats.


At the bottom of the page is a form, powered by the Gravity Forms plugin.

TomPress 2

This form allows Toms to add themselves to TomPress. When submitted, the Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types plugin creates a new ‘Team Member’ in the Our Team plugin and populates all of the fields with the information submitted in the form. The new member is saved as a draft, which I can then approve to display on the site.

TomPress runs on The One Pager theme.