A Look at 2014 Resolutions

Last December, I made my resolutions for 2014. With the year pretty much over, I want to take a look back at how I did with those resolutions. Here they are:

  • Be more active in the WordPress community
  • Contribute regularly to WooThemes projects
  • Become proficient in Backbone.js
  • Normal sleep schedule and eating habits
  • Launch e-commerce comic shop

Be more active in the WordPress community

In 2013, I spoke at a handful of WordCamps and had a couple of plugins in the WordPress.org repository. Part of fulfilling my goal of being more active was “blogging regularly, sharing insights, experiences, code and plugins.” I’ve written a few posts this year, but nowhere near the amount that I was hoping. I’ll continue to try and make this a regular occurrence in 2015, and also want to explore vlogging. My friend Coen Jacobs recently began vlogging regularly and has been doing a great job!

On the plus side, I have been working on plugins a lot more, and have been releasing more regular updates. There’s definitely more work to be done here, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. A lot of being successful on this front is personal organization and allotting time for these kinds of tasks on a regular basis.

The largest goal I had for this resolution was contributing to WordPress core. This happened with my first couple of contributions in the 4.1 release of WordPress.

Contribute regularly to WooThemes projects

February was my last month at WooThemes. WooSlider 2.0.1 released in that period, which was primarily a bug fix release. In 2015, I’ll be working on some premium plugins and child themes, with many building off of the popular WooThemes Canvas theme.

Become proficient in Backbone.js

This didn’t really happen. I have a couple of books, and wrote a tutorial or two on using Backbone with the WP JSON REST API, but that was about it. In 2015, this goal is shifting to be “Become proficient with the WP JSON REST API.” Josh Pollock has done a fantastic job this year writing many tutorials on the API on Torque. I’ve certainly been learning a lot from those articles throughout the year.

Normal sleep schedule and eating habits

This was a pretty big success. I’m now awake during normal human hours. I spent 2013 completely nocturnal. It took a while to flip that around and get that circadian rhythm firmly established again, but I’m happy to say I see sunlight on a regular basis now.

I’ll continue to work on my eating habits, which are crap. In a fast paced New York City, it’s a bit of an art form to balance convenience with nutrition. In addition, I need to exercise more. WooThemes sent us all a Fitbit last year, by tracking my activity I made a slight change to my morning commute patterns. I walk to the next subway stop before getting on, and get off a subway stop early, walking the rest of the way to the office. I’ll continue this, along with some weight training and such in the mornings.

Launch e-commerce comic shop

I had a quarter life crisis when I got engaged. I regressed to being a 12 year old, went on Craigslist and started acquiring peoples comic book collections. There are now 30k+ comics in my house. I need to setup a WooCommerce shop and get these things moving, my wife will kill me otherwise. This needs to happen in 2015.

To 2015 and beyond

All in all, I’m decently happy with the progress made on these goals during 2014. Many of them are not a one time deal and need to be part of my regular habits for the foreseeable future.