Bringing Big Media Features to Your Site

What do Time and Quartz have in common?

They’re big, run on WordPress, publish tons of content and do tons of traffic. When you read an article on one of those sites, they deliver a unique experience. That experience starts when you reach the bottom of the article. Instead of hitting the end, seeing a footer, and then closing the browser tab, something special happen: the next article loads. What this means for readers is that they don’t need to take an action to continue their experience. The next steps have already been taken and content has landed in their lap. What that means for sites like these is their users stay on the site longer, consume more content, see more ads. All good things.’

Why is this toy only  for the big kids?

When you think about it, this functionality sounds pretty similar to something we’ve had for a while now: Infinite Scroll. We look at a page of posts, when we get to the bottom, more posts load in to the page. Simple.

Why is this a feature just for the big players then? Both of those sites run on WordPress, you’d think that functionality should be available as a plugin, right?

Well, now it is.

[button link=”” color=”blue”]Download Infinite Post Transporter plugin[/button]

I’ve spent the last few months working on the relaunch of We implemented similar functionality on that site, you can go check it out if you want. It’s pretty awesome. At the same time, my buddy Jeff was working on something similar for Verizon. I sent my very alpha version over to him, and we traded it back and forth for a bit. At the time this wasn’t a stand alone plugin, it was a bunch of hooks and filters for the Jetpack Infinite Scroll module, along with some custom JavaScript.

Once the Vogue re-launch was complete, and I had evenings to myself once more, I took what I’d learned to create a proper plugin for this functionality. It’d make me happy if you downloaded it, played with it, maybe even used it on your site.


The plugin has built-in support for all of the default WordPress themes. Just install and it’s ready to go on TwentyFourteen! (Same on Thirteen, etc.)

A quick features breakdown:

  • The plugin provides normal Infinite Scroll functionality on your blog pages
  • When viewing a single post, the next post will load in as you scroll down
  • URLs and Titles will update as you scroll
  • Built-in support for the default TwentyWhatever themes

If using another theme, you can add support by adding the following to your functions.php file:

add_theme_support( 'infinite-transporter');

The available options are the same as those in Jetpack Infinite Scroll. To configure further, see the following:

[button link=”” color=”blue”]Download Infinite Post Transporter plugin[/button]