The Opportunities We Take For Granted

I’m working a bit late tonight (2:00AM at the moment) and a memory just popped into my head of when I was in Jamaica. This was probably about 3 or 4 years ago now, but we all have those moments when something feels like it was yesterday. I was staying at a resort with my family and our toilet broke. We’d called the front desk and they were sending a maintenance person. We went down to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather, fresh air and fantastic views. I popped back to the room to grab a Red Stripe and handle a couple of customer emails. Back then I was working on my startup full-time and doing consulting work on the side. When I got to the room, our maintenance engineer, James, was playing with the toilet. I offered him a drink, at first he was a bit hesitant as drinking on the job isn’t really encouraged, I made him a stiff rum and coke and we got to talking a bit. James asked me “what do  you do” and I told him I run a software company in the States. He seemed really impressed and a dozen questions entered from there. At the time, I’d not thought the position I was in to be impressive at all, the hours put in were horrendous, the relationships that suffered were heartbreaking and the return on investment, uncertain.

Looking back with a bit more perspective though, what I see is opportunity. Just be able to take a chance, to bust ass and give it all you’ve got to make it and build a successful company and choose ones own path, rather than bust ass and struggle to make ends meet is a chance that most aren’t able to take. My startup is by no means a giant success now, but my point is that just being able to say “I made something” is success in that I’ve been fortunate enough to try and make something. If Rootbuzz never grows to more than it is now, I can look back and say I tried and I built something that helped people. It’s an opportunity that many wish for, and that many who have the opportunity don’t take.

If you’ve even a free hour a week, why not take a chance and use that opportunity to make something greater than the 9-5, better than what exists now, maybe bigger than you’ve ever dreamed, because you’ve always really wanted to deep down inside, but also because you can? It’s an opportunity that many wish for, but have never and will never have. Don’t take it for granted.