WorldPress: WordCamp Saratoga Unleashed

The first WordCamp Saratoga was this weekend and it was awesome. Everyone did a fantastic job organizing the event and I can’t wait to come back next year.

The name tags were very nicely done, and that is where this story begins. Aside from just having my name, it says “Say Hi”. I made a new buddy during the after party because of this, he didn’t attend the WordCamp, but he spent the rest of the night promoting it, and me I suppose.

While waiting at the bar for a beverage, I noticed a dude with his head kind of sideways, staring at my chest. Our conversation went like this:

Guy – “Hi Tom”

Me – “Hello”

Guy – “What’s the name tag from?”

Me – “I spoke at a WordPress conference today”

Guy – “We have the same shoes.” *high-fives* “Can I wear your name tag?”

He seemed pretty excited to be wearing the name tag, we exchanged high-fives once again and I headed back to the group.

My Twitter feed blew up shortly after: