TomPress: A Youtube Channel

For the past few months, creating videos has been something that I’ve wanted to start doing. In that time I’ve seen a couple of people I really respect in the WordPress community that have actually been doing it rather than just thinking about it, Coen Jacobs and Tim Nash. They both have different styles of speaking, Coen presents more in a fireside chat style, whereas Tim is always full of energy and sometimes reminds me of Billy Mays. Both have accents that people in the states find sophisticated and enjoy listening to. I’m not sure if anyone actually likes hearing a New York accent, but we’ll give it a whirl.

Equipment-wise, I’ll be rocking a GoPro, and I picked up a new frame on Amazon for my tripod mount as the sound quality is horrible with the skeleton enclosure that the GoPro ships with.

After thinking of ideas for too long and staring at the GoPro sitting on my desk, I finally pulled the trigger tonight and made the first vid for my new Youtube channel, TomPress, where I talk WordPress, startups and the life of a software developer in New York City. My first vid is more or less a review of the Fitbit Flex and the setup of a new Aria smart scale. The majority of future vids will be more WordPress oriented, though some different things will be thrown in here and there. I’ll be playing around with the lighting, audio and production/editing quality as I go as well. Tonight was more about getting this ball rolling than anything else.