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Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive. WordCamp Speaker. Core contributor.


Creating a Productive Environment: Sleep

In the development community, talks about creating productive environments many times focus on workflows and development tools. Writing code is only part of the equation! Our ability to get in the right mindset and the efficiency at which we write code play a large part in delivering quality projects and solutions. Many factors play into […]

Alleyversary: Year One at Alley Interactive

The alarms on my phone sounded, I set 11 every night.¬†About 2 hours later, they continued. Upon finally waking, I groggily shuffled to my office, where my computer was dead. The night before, I placed my headphones down on the desk, which had disconnected the power cord from its home nestled against the side of […]

Tom Harrigan

Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive

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