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Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive. WordCamp Speaker. Core contributor.


If Java was a Woman…

It’s about 2:30AM and I’m cleaning out my Mac of useless files and making some optimizations for speed as it’s been quite sluggish lately (time for SSD by the way). I came across a note I made back when I was in college regarding Java and well, I’ll just paste it wholesale… Today I was […]

Save the World with Bioinformatics

Before anything, let Steve Yegge tell you why this is important. Start at 5:50 if you’re impatient. This may be a bold statement, but I believe this video will be the call to arms for the Computer Scientists, Programmers, Developers, Hackers of our generation to make the choice to make a difference. This is when […]

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Surprisingly, I’m frequently asked what new sites should be named, more specifically, I’m asked what the domain name should be.It’s not really my specialty or anything, but since I build websites, I should know how to name them. I think there’s a need for a whole new industry, people to name websites. Maybe they can […]

Tom Harrigan

Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive

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