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Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive. WordCamp Speaker. Core contributor.


Post Formats, whether you want them or not

  The Debug Bar plugin has become one of my best friends lately. I’ve been spending a large portion of the last few months optimizing and rewriting a pretty large WP multisite. I’ve been scrutinizing queries and cache bashing like Mario on mushrooms. While looking through error logs today, I found something interesting, the site […]

The Wild Winding Road to WordCamp

Earlier this year I’d made a goal to get more involved in the WordPress community. I wanted to speak at a WordCamp. I’m the type of person that will put something off unless I have a fire under me, so the only way I knew I’d do it is if I signed up right away. […]

Keep My Feet on Ground and My Head in the Clouds

Keep my feet on ground and my head in the clouds -Matisyahu As a support Ninja at WooThemes, I spend a lot of my day with headphones on and listen to everything from Skrillex to I See Stars to Britney Spears and everything in between. I’m partial towards music without lyrics as it’s less distracting, […]

TomPress: The Toms of WordPress

Check out Tompress now! I made┬áTomPress┬áto showcase all of the ‘Toms’ in the WordPress community. Some of you may remember BeardPress, a site for the bearded members of our lovely community. Toms are an equally diverse and talented group of individuals in our community, drawing inspiration from BeardPress, it seemed only logical for us Toms […]

Sliders: The Good, the Bad and the Technical

This is my presentation given at WordCamps Buffalo, Raleigh and Orlando during 2013. This presentation was created using the WooSlider plugin and is based on my experiences while working on WooSlider v2.0. I’m happy to answer any questions regarding sliders in general in the comments. Actual presentation slides are on the left side, with my […]

Thoughtfully getting involved in WordPress

Today I filled out a form to get involved with the WordPress Accessibility team. Here is that form: Looking at the Make WordPress page there are many ways to get involved in WordPress, some more exciting than others in my opinion. The two Make blogs that I follow are Core and UI. This is […]

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Tom Harrigan

Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive

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